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Jones Public Works Authority

February 6, 2007     


Meeting was called to order at 8:22 PM    Meeting was tape-recorded

Roll Call:  Present- Matt Elerick, Roger Choate, Ray Poland, Rusty Fields, Randy McMillin

Quorum was declared



Minutes-January 16, 2007 Meeting, Purchase Ord #s 3141-3157, Payroll -02-08-07

C Water Lab Certification – Mark Pierce, Carlton Taylor, Paul Lay, James Williams, Tommy Smith  (.75 per hr increase-Each Employee)

R. Poland made motion to approve consent agenda.  R. McMillin seconded.  Yes- M. Elerick, R. Choate, R. Poland, R. Fields, R. McMillin.


No-One came forth


Cutoff Time-Utility Bill Payments

Discussion regarding actual time of cutoff on designated cutoff dates.  After disc:  Time of

4:30 PM  Cutoff Time, Date of Cutoff will be put on bills.

Engineering Services for Water Well & Storage Tank

Bid Proposal for engineering services from Smith Roberts Baldischwiler, LLC for Construction of Water Well, Storage Tank and Appurtenances in amount of 42,000 was presented.  This was considered a proposal example as engineering/ project has not yet been bid.  After General Disc:  Item Tabled

Snow Clearing Equipment

Discussion regarding, although this is not a regular problem, the need for means to sand/de-ice roads during winter storms.  After disc:  Mark Pierce advised that sand spreader which could be attached to back of a truck would be a feasible item.  To get quotes.  Item tabled


Relocate Gas Lines-Corner Britton & Hiwassee-Advertise for bids-Set Bid Opening date.  Need to relocate lines is due to upcoming Oklahoma County project to widen road and intersection at Hiwassee & Britton. M. Elerick made motion to advertise for bids to be opened at seconded meeting in March.  R. Poland seconded.  Yes- M. Elerick, R. Choate, R. Poland, R. Fields, R. McMillin.  ***See further action-February 20, 2007 Meeting

Purchase Emergency Generators-Waste Water Plant and Lift Station

Item tabled.  Barbara Birden to check into possible qualification of grant for such a project.

Item tabled.

ACOG Reap Grant-2007 (Grit Screen-Waste Water Plant) 

Randy McMillin gave report on grant.  Item tabled.  No voting action needed this meeting.

Emergency Lights-2006 Pickup

Need for emergency lights on truck was discussed.  Item tabled.

Remarks, Inquiries & Reports by governing board members


Adjournment motion by R. Poland, seconded by R. McMillin.  Yes- M.  Elerick, R. Choate, R. Poland, R. Fields, R. McMillin

Time:  9:15 PM


Jones Public Works Authority

Page Two

February 6, 2007




      Payroll – 02-08-07…..           6987.34

2833  Jones PWA.      463.26

2834  Municipal Industries..        3404.49

2835  Water Products……..         4074.36

2836  Jones Lumber…….       364.08

2837  OKC –County Health   552.00

2838  Void………….       .00

2839  O’Reilly Auto…           906.30

2840  United Lab……            549.60

2841  TDS Telecom…            327.88

2842  Office Depot….            401.77

2843  OK Tax Comm..                3126.67

2844  B&B Meter…                    1795.00

2845  Locke Supply..    33.06

2846  Page Plus……     25.00

2847  Allied Waste                   10,510.22

2848  Yale Uniform..  240.80

2849  McClain Elertic…              1200.00

2850  OG&E……                        1896.18

2851  IRS………..      318.73

2852  PEBSCO….      250.50

2853  Roger Abbott…            631.00

2854  AllTel……….   364.39





_____________________________         ____________________________

Mayor                                                          Town  Clerk


Presented to Board of Trustees for approval on_____________2007

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