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March 6, 2007


Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM     Meeting was tape recorded

Roll Call:  Present- Matt Elerick, Ray Poland, Randy McMillin,  Rusty Fields-7:10 PM

                                Roger Choate-Absent      Quorum was declared


1. Minutes-02-20-07,  2. Purchase Ord#s 3203-3218,  3. Payroll-03-08-07

     Motion to approve consent agenda by R. Poland, seconded by M. Elerick.  Yes- M. Elerick, R. Poland, R. McMillin


Earline Carpenter addressed the board with several questions including the possibility of having a recycle bin, evaluation of the sound system in the Community Center, Placement of a Historical Society direction sign on Main Street and several other community interest.

Annie Tytenicz  questioned as if anything could be done about residences on Cherokee having an unusually large number of cars.  Ms. Tytenicz was advised there is no ordinance limiting the number of vehicles if they are currently tagged and running.  She also questioned if something could be done about a brush pile at the park.  Fire Dept will look into burning it as soon as it is not so dry and safe.


Barbara Birden-Grant Projects

Tabled until next meeting.  Ms. Birden is contacting engineers.

ACOG Reap Grant 2007


Fire Dept Report

1>  Brush Pumper Transmission

       Chief Taylor advised of need to repair dc transmission on Pumper #

        R. Poland made motion to approve repair.  M. Elerick seconded,  Yes – M. Elerick, R.Poland, R. Fields, R. McMillin,

2>  Emergency Item – Came up too late for agenda but must be acted upon ASAP.

       Chief Taylor advised of NIMS report deadline.  He noted that he has been working at catching up on back reports but 2006 is due and must be done.  A wireless card for the Fire Dept  computer would enable him to do work at home and on his other job (in down time)  This incident plus others could be made easier and faster if he did not have to actually go to the Fire Dept building for filling out reports, etc.  After disc: R. Poland made motion to approve adding the Fire Dept computer (laptop) to the current company which services the Police Dept.  (Alltel).  M. Elerick seconded.  Yes- M. Elerick, R. Poland, R. Fields, R. McMillin.

Homeland Security and NIMS Report





Jones Board of Trustees

Page Two

March 6, 2007


Court Room Repair

Tabled.  Waiting for insurance report.


Choctaw Bike Ride-April 21, 2007

Jeane Abts addressed Bike Ride that she and several others are planning.  The route would include several locations in Jones, in particular Hiwassee .  Chief Newsom advised that it is procedure to hire off-duty officers to work traffic at intersections, etc.  After disc:  Ms. Abts to call to get on a future agenda.   No action taken.

Bldg. Permit, License Fees & Inspections Fees- Set/Increase fees

Discussion regarding increasing fee amounts. R. McMillin made motion to increase permits and fees from $35 to $50.  R. Poland seconded.  Ye- M. Elerick,  R. Poland, R. McMillin   Tabled until next meeting for Resolution

Emer Mgmt-Accept 89 Econoline Ford from County. Resolution 03-06-07

Board was advised that the Oklahoma Board of County Commissioners have a 1989 Econoline van they are willing to donate to the town for use as an Emergency Mgmt Vehicle.  Resolution 3-6-07 was presented (Acceptance Resolution).  It was noted the resolution refers to the Jones Police Dept as receiving the vehicle  - It should be Jones Emergency Management.  R. Poland made motion to adopt Resolution 03-06-07 with correction. R. Fields seconded.   Yes- M. Elerick, R. Poland, R. Fields, R. McMillin.

Pubic Use/School Storm Shelters

Pros and Cons of using school shelters as public shelters (during storms, etc) was discussed.  Item tabled until special Emerg. Mgmt Meeting, March 19, 2007.

Annual Town-Wide Garage Sale-May 12

M. Elerick made motion to approve free  town-wide garage sale, May 12 with no permit

Charges.  R. Poland seconded.  Yes- M. Elerick, R. Poland, R. Fields, R. McMillin.



Adjournment motion by R. Poland, seconded by M. Elerick.  Yes- M. Elerick, R. Poland, R. Fields, R. McMillin.   Time:  8:08 PM



       Payroll – 03-08-07…                   13800.76

2789  IRS………..      968.17

2790  PEBSCO…..       72.00

2791  Police Pension….          992.07

2792  Void…        .00

2793  Void…        .00

2794  OG&E……………                      1124.65






Jones Board of Trustees

Page Three

March 6, 2007


Claims (cont)

2795  Special-Op ……           263.30

2796  Overall Ford…    83.67

2797  Ron’s Auto..     597.72

2798  Utility Data…   200.00

2799  City of MWC..  285.00

2800  PSI Security…  109.95

2801  Election Board..            996.74

2802  Lowes……       286.89

2803  Page Plus…       157.95

2804  Larry’s Garage..              25.00

2805  Central Services..                         1250.00

2806  Jones Hardware..          568.42

2807  PWA…                                        1643.23

2808  Mark Taylor..      94.24

2809  Mark Taylor (Reimburse)          220.00








______________________                             ________________________
Mayor                                                                   Town Clerk


Presented to Board of Trustees for approval on___________2007                          

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