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April 3, 2007


Meeting called to order at 7:06 PM    Meeting was tape-recorded

Roll Call:  Present-Matt Elerick, Roger Choate, Ray Poland, Randy McMillin  Absent-Rusty Fields      Quorum was declared


Consent Agenda

Minutes-03-20-07  Purchase Ord #s 3283-3292    Payroll – 04-05-07

Motion to approve consent agenda by R. Poland, seconded by M. Elerick.  Yes-M. Elerick,

R. Choate, R. Poland, R. McMillin.

Citizens Time

Bill Manning addressed sale barn customers parking on the Cowboy Church property.  He also alleged that entrance to the church is being blocked.  After disc:  It was noted that no voting action can be taken but Mark Pierce (Maint Supervisor) was instructed to put up “Do Not Block Driveway” signs.


Barbara Birden-Grant Projects

Ms. Birden advised need for prelimiary study.  She advised that  engineers for this study does not have to be engineer on final project.   Representatives from NRS Group , Gary Kinder, Robert Mullins and Cody ? were present and presented verbal qualifications and

Explained working procedure.  No voting action this meeting.

Engineering Services

Combined with above agenda item.

Fire Dept Report

  Cutting Torch Bottles    Tabled

Homeland Security & NIMS Report


Resolution-Bldg Permit and License Fees

Resolution # 4-3-07 pertaining to fees for permits and licenses.  R. Poland made motion to adopt Resolution #4-3-07.  M. Elerick seconded.   Yes- M. Elerick, R. Choate, R. Poland, R. McMillin.

Rezone to Commerical-SW Corner-Montana & Hiwassee (Attn. Ryan Oldfield)

Tabled per attorney request.  **** As of 04-10-07, Mr. Oldfield requested this item be tabled until May 15, 2007 meeting.

Request 4 Way Stop-122 & Clarmar-Ginger Booth

Ms. Booth requested item be tabled.

Ordinance 02-20-07A (Corrections to Fence Ordinance)

Several changes (pertaining to Dates, Etc) needed to be changed.

R. McMillin made motion to adopt Ord. 02-20-07A.  M. Elerick seconded.  Yes- M. Elerick, R. Choate, R. McMillin, R. Poland.  R. McMillin made motion to adopt Emergency Clause-Ord #02-20-07A.  M.  Elerick seconded.   Yes- M. Elerick, R. Choate, R. Poland, R. McMillin


Jones Board of Trustees

Page Two

April 3, 2007


Approve Property Division-11000 Blk. Britton-Randy Berry

Request to split four acres from property at 11000 E. Britton.  Request has been approved by Planning  Commission.  M. Elerick made motion to approve property division.  R. McMillin seconded.   Yes- M. Elerick, R. Choate, R. Poland, R. McMillin

Finalize Opening of Sweetbough

Was on an agenda for County study but has not been voted on for approval.

M. Elerick  made motion to approve opening Sweetbough from 4th to 5th Streets.

R. Poland seconded.   Yes- M. Elerick, R. Choate, R. Poland, R. McMillin

Code Violations- 7517 Station Master

Cornellis Barnett addressed the board regarding the residents at 7417 Station Master

Having build a large barn/shed type, fenced with barbwire and it appears the structure

Is being used for a business – equipment such as tractors, backhoes, etc.  It was noted that no permit was issued for the barn. After a lengthy disc:  Item to be tabled – attorney to check into solution for code violations.  Other (type of barn, barbwire, etc) must be addressed by Covenants (Property owners will need to re-form a neighborhood covenant group.

Item tabled.

Continued Employment-Angie Moore

Board was advised that Ms. Moore has worked out babysitting problems and will be able to continue to work.  M. Elerick made motion to recind  Angie Moore’s resignation.  R. McMillin seconded.  Yes- M. Elerick, R. Choate, R. Poland, R. McMillin

***See April 17, 2007 Minutes

Designate Board of Adjustments Members


Remarks, Inquiries & Reports by Governing Board Members

Discussion regarding amount of police department overtime.  To be placed on next agenda.

Discussion regarding train crossing signals which are frequently activating without a train coming.  RR to be contacted.

Adjournment motion by R. Choate, seconded by R. Poland.  Yes- M.  Elerick, R. Choate, R. Poland,  R. McMillin.  Time:  8:40 PM



          Payroll-04-05-07…                  12,702.00

2827  Principal Finance..                      7,221.39

2828  ComSource……...        925.00








Jones  Board of Trustees

Page Three

April 5, 2007


Claims (cont)

2829  Julia Wilson…   600.00

2830  Shane Wilson…            615.00

2831  Lorie Ray……..            250.00

2832  Jones PWA>… 725.75

2833  WalMart……..    89.67

2834  Office Depot..   344.93

2835  Jones Drug…      15.26

2836  Page Plus…       157.95

2837  Integris Health..            450.00

2838  Sircgue Fingerprint Lab              94.78

2839  Complete ER Vehicles..            219.95

2840  City Glass………….                   1450.00

2841  Casco………………    195.00

2842  Police Pension……..     922.17

2843  PEBSCO…………..       72.00

2844  IRS>………………     884.09

2845  Okla Tax Comm….         30.00

2846  Walmart………….       18.12








________________________________      __________________________

Mayor                                                              Town Clerk


Presented to Board of Trustees for approval on__________________2007                         

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