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November 6, 2007


Meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM    Meeting was tape-recorded

Roll  Call:  Present-Matt Elerick, Roger Choate, Rusty Fields, Ray Poland,

Randy McMillin              Quorum was declared


Minutes-October 16, 2007, Purchase Order #s 3885-3905, Payroll – 11-15-07

Motion to approve consent agenda by R. Poland, seconded by R. Fields,  Yes- M. Elerick, R. Choate, R. Fields, R. Poland, R. McMillin

TREASURER REPORT-Disposition of maturing CD

Philip Johnston advised that $200,000 CD is maturing- questioned as to what the board wants done with it.  No action was taken – Board members said CD would automatically renew.


See Page 3


Request- Speed Bumps-Hiwassee & Montana

Larry McClug, who lives on SE Corner of above intersection expressed concern with drivers running the stop signs.  He asked about some means to slow them down, maybe speed bumps.  Police Chief Tom Newsom advised this cannot be legally done.  Suggested increasing police coverage of intersection.  No voting action.

Snow Route-ACOG

Ray Poland presented ACOG Snow Routes Agreement.  R. Poland made motion to

Participate along with other member towns. (Agreement will be signed).  R. McMillin seconded.  Yes- M. Elerick, R. Choate, R. Poland, R. Fields, R. McMillin.

Property Division-9290 N. Hiwassee

Request for division of property at 9290 N. Hiwassee (Owner Althea Neighbors).  Purpose is sale of South end of property (See Town File – Property Division-9290 N. Hiwassee)  to Mike Evans for new Lumber Yard.

It was noted that approval of Planning Commission included vacating Colorado Street along the south end of property. M. Elerick made motion to approve property division and requested street vacate.  R. Poland seconded.  Yes- M. Elerick, R.  Poland, R. Choate, R. Fields, R. McMillin

2008 Health Insurance-Frank  Carlyle

Mr. Carlyle presented 2008 quote from current insurance, Princi

pal Finanical Grp

Which would be approximately $30,000 per year increase.  Also presented was Blue Cross-Chamber of Commerce Insurance.  After disc:  decision was made to have a

Employee meeting, Tuesday , November 13.  ***  Board member quorum was no

t present, Employee meeting was not called to order.    (cont)



Page Two

October 6, 2007

(cont-Employee Insurance)

General discussion -employees, Frank Carlyle and Matt Elerick & Randy McMillin.  Decision of Health Insurance will be on 11-20-07 Meeting agenda.

Token Use Agreement

Owner of Longhorn Car Wash presented proposal of  $5 tokens which could be purchase by town for $4 each.  It was noted that $7 car wash is the one that employees are using for town vehicles due to it being a better wash.  No Action.


ACOG Grant Report

No action

Barbara Birden-Grant Projects

Board was advised that Ms. Birden will be at next meeting.

Fire Dept Report

1.  Purchase Bunker Pants

     Chief Taylor advised of need for bunker pants. R. Poland made motion to purchase bunker gear ($625)  M. Elerick seconded.  Yes- M. Elerick, R. Choate,

R. Poland, R. Fields, R. McMillin

2.  Firefighters Pension-Required Membership (Mark Taylor)

     Letter from FF Pension was presented regarding Mark Taylor.  It is the opinion

Of the FF  board that Mr. Taylor should be a member of Jones Pension (As he is Chief) and that he would have to drop his OKC membership.  Mr. Taylor is not listed on Jones roster as he is a volunteer and he is also an employed firefighter elsewhere (OKC)  This was approved when he became chief but it was just per phone calls.

Attorney to check into this.  It appears there may be a misunderstanding  as Mr.  Taylor is not an employee of Jones Volunteer Fire Dept.  Tabled

Replacement/Addition-Park Equipment

Ray Poland gave report regarding Park Committee.  Park Committee is no longer active,  committee funds can be transferred to town and earmarked for playground equipment.  Town would have to possibly add difference    Ray Poland will continue to get information on this.

Regarding current playground equipment, concern over condition (sharp edges) – Mark Pierce instructed to remove all current equipment.  Sign will be posted that Playground Equipment Project is in progress.

Homeland Security & NIMS Report






Page Three

November 6, 2007

Town zoning


Cable Company-Franchise/Service



Rosemary Steger addressed the board regarding the possibility of installing a Miniature Golf Course at the park.   Also paddle boats on the lake.  After a long discussion, item will be tabled until Ms. Steger gets move information.  Also attorney needs to check abstract – that it does not include a clause prohibiting leasing of park property to other than town. 
Item tabled until Ms. Steger gets information – will be put on agenda at that time – possibility after first of year.

Reports, Remarks and Inquiries by governing board membes


Adjournment motion by M. Elerick, seconded by R. Poland.  Yes- M.  Elerick, R. Choate, R. Poland, R. Fields, R. McMillin   time: 9:20 PM



       Payroll – 11-8-07… 13342.20

3163   Principal Finance...  6750.51

3164   CompSource OK….     935.00

3165   Julia Wilson………      750.00

3166   Thomas Pletcher….      331.15

3167   Samatha Jones…….     250.00

3168   IRS………………..      950.51

3169   PEBSCO…………        74.50

3170   Police Pension……       992.17

3171   Jones PWA………       137.17

3172   Jones Lumber……       119.84

3173   Phillips 66…..                   1891.57             

3174   OK County News..         36.00

3175   OG&E……………           1104.89

3176   R. D. Alexander….       275.00

3177   Special Ops………         19.99

3178   Overal Ford………      180.35

Jones Board of Trustees

Page Four



Claims -  Cont

3179  Walmart…….        17.27

3180  Midwest Trophy…          62.00

3181  TDS Telecom…….        332.91

3182  Office Depot……..        494.78

3183  K&S Tires……….           40.00

3184  Bailey Copier……         442.00

3185  OK Mun Assurance..         1514.83

3186  OK State FF Assn…          1008.00

3187  Fred’s Tires……..         264.00

3188  OML……………   55.00

3189  City of MWC….. 525.00

3190  Dollar General…. 133.84

3191  Tidsell Implements        193.98

3192  Casco…………..  152.00

3193  Void……………       .00

3194  AT&T Mobility…         355.31

3195  AT&T Wireless..   97.45

3196  Page Plus………  162.95

3197  Void……………       .00

3198  Alltel…………...  494.81

3199  Void……………       .00

3200  IRS>…………...  979.34

3201  Police Pension…. 992.17

3202  PEBSCO>……..    72.00



____________________                              _______________________
Mayor                                                                Town Clerk


Presented to Board of  Trustees for approval on_____________2007

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