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January 15, 2008


Meeting was called to order at 7:01 PM         Meeting was tape-recorded

Roll Call:  Present- Ray Poland, Rusty Fields, Roger Choate.  Rusty Fields-7:25 PM

                  Absent- Matt Elerick  (Ray Poland chaired the meeting)


Minutes 01-09-08, Purchase Order #s 4111-4116, Payroll 01-24-08

Philip Johnston requested approval to transfer up to $20,000 from

First of Month bills plus next meeting will fall before receipt of January taxes

R. Choate made motion to approve consent agenda with $20,000 transfer. R. McMillin seconded.  Yes- R. McMillin, R. Poland, R. Choate

2.  Sharon & Co – renovation Contract -  Court Room - #4099 - $8204 – Item tabled.

     Project has not be finalized by Maint. Supervisor.

3.  Allied Waste – First Week Limb Debris Pickup-PO # 4099 $54,980.40.  Item Tabled

4.  Allied Waste – Seconded Week – Limb Debris Pickup-PO # 4124-$47,942.80-Tabled


No-one came forth



General report regarding status of cleanup.  No voting action needed this meeting.


PC Cable Report

Board was advised that cable customers are relating they are being told by PC Service personnel that PC Cable is no longer taking care of Jones.  It was noted that no official notification from company has been received.  It appears that company is going out of business due to inadequate service and lack of customers.   Phone calls from City Hall to New Jersey office have not been returned.   No voting action needed.

ACOG REAP Grant Report


Barbara Birden-Grant Projects

A.  CDBG Leverage

Barbara Birden was present.  She reported on status and needs for application for Phase I of 2008 Project.  She advised of need for pledging funding (to be used for obtaining grant) Suggested of projected project- $267,970.  Pledge of $21,700 (Engineer Amount), $540 (Permit), $15,5000 (Hydrolic Analysis). (cont)


Jones Board of Trustees

Page Two

January 15, 2008


Cont – Grant Project

CDGB Leverage

After disc:  R. Choate made motion to pledge $33,740 (to be taken from one cent sales tax capital improvement percentage)  R. McMillin seconded.  Yes- R. Poland, R. Fields,  R. McMillin, R. Choate.

Need for Citizens Project Meeting was discussed.  Decision was made to have Citizens Project Meeting at 6:45 PM, February 5, 2008.  Proper notices will be posted.

Possible increase of water rates to be placed on next agenda (PWA)

Town Brochure


Fire Dept Report

1.  Per Ord: 01-09-08 – Designate Fire Dept Administrator, Fire Chief, Asst. Fire Chief.  

 (Following Changes)  R. McMillin made motion to appoint Mark Taylor as  Fire Dept. Administrator, Shane Wilson-  Fire Chief, and Paul Lay to continue as Assistant Fire  Chief.  R. Fields seconded.   Yes- R. Poland, R. Fields, R. McMillin,,

R. Choate.

Emergency Mgmt Report

Patti Fields reported on Kick-Off Meeting for FEMA Storm  Cleanup.  FEMA personnel will come to Jones for Jones Kick-Off Meeting within next couple of weeks.  It will be at this meeting that paperwork and procedure for filing for FEMA reimbursement funding will be explained.  No voting action needed this meeting.

Homeland Security & NIMS Report


Town Zoning-Set Zone Meeting


Resolution-Vacating Georgia Street East of Hiwassee

Attorney Julia Wilson advised that she is still working on this.

Court Fine Schedule Resolution

Resolution changing amounts of a number of violations was presented at previous meeting to each board member.  No objections to resolution. R. Choate made motion to adopt Resolution 01-15-08.  R. Fields seconded.  Yes- R. Choate, R. Poland, R. Fields, R. McMillin.  R. Fields made motion to adopt Emergency Clause of Resolution 01-15-08.  R. Choate seconded.   Yes- R. Choate, R. Poland, R. Fields, R. McMillin.

Jones Board of Trustees

 Page Three

January 15, 2008

Reports, Inquiries & Remarks by Governing Board Members.

Ray Poland advised of rumor that the Jones School District (With the backing of the Jones Board of  Trustees) is considering soliciting incorporation of school districts with Oak Dale Schools.  According to Mr. Poland, this is a rumor only.  The Jones School has no plans for  such plus the Town Board of Trustees would have no authority to spearhead a school district incorporation. He just wants board members to be aware of this false information

Adjournment motion by R. McMillin, seconded by R. Poland.  Yes- R. Choate, R. Poland, R. Fields, R. McMillin.  Time:  8:40 PM



         Payroll-01-24-08….         15,094.01

3302   O’Reilly……        57.36

3303   TDS Telecom…  326.89

3304   Phillips 66…….                2625.75

3305   OneLink Wireless..       130.00

3306   Jeannie Walton….            6.90

3307   Risk Mgmt………        259.00

3308   AT&T…………..         357.52

3309   IRS……………..   31.51

3310   Ron’s Auto…….            49.12

3311   IRS…………….               1113.34

3312   PEBSCO………   74.50

3313   Police Pen……..                1056.17

3314   Void……………       .00

3315   Page Plus……… 162.95







_____________________                _____________________
Mayor                                                  Town Clerk


Presented to Board of   Trustees for approval on_____________2008

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