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April 15, 2008


Meeting was called to order at 7:17 PM         Meeting was not tape-recorded.  Recorder not working.

Roll Call:  Present-Ray Poland, Rusty Fields, Roger Choate.  Absent-Matt Elerick, Randy McMillin.  Quorum was declared.


1. Minutes- 04-01-08   Payroll- 04-17-08  Purchase Ord# 4358-4365

2. Allied Waste-Debris Removal  Total to Date - $230,287.40

Motion to approve consent agenda (Part 1) by R. Poland, seconded by R. Choate.  Yes- R. Poland, R. Fields, R. Choates

No motion to approve Part 2-Allied Waste


James Selders addressed the board and presented information regarding possibility of changing name of Hiwaii Street (For two blocks in front of school) to Dr. Lee Simmons Street.  To be placed on next agenda.

Margaret Fesler complimented the Jones PD regarding their good response when her cattle were out.




EOC Tourism-Town of Jones Representative-Appoint John McEwen

R. Poland made motion to appoint John McEwen as EOC Tourism Representative.  R. Choate seconded.   Yes- R. Choate, R. Poland, R. Fields.

Oklahoma County Jail  Contract 2008-09

Contract for upcoming year  reflects increase from $40.22 to $41.35 per day per prisoner.

R. Fields made motion to approve jail contract for next year.  R. Poland seconded.  Yes-

R. Poland, R. Fields, R. Choate

Vehicle Damage Claim (Road)  Kathy Williams

Ms. Williams addressed the board regarding damage to her vehicle (wheels/rims) that she stated occurred when she hit a pothole on Britton Road just east of Barnes Street.  Mark Pierce stated that he became aware of the hole  4-7-08 when he was called regarding Ms. Williams claim.  He went to check on it and found the hole had already been repaired  (by Oklahoma County) After disc:R. Fields made motion to turn claim to our insurance.  R. Poland seconded.   Yes- R. Poland, R. Fields, R. Choate.

Resignation-Code Enforcement-Thomas Pletcher

Code Enforcement resignation effective April 30 was presented by Thomas Pletcher. R. Choate made motion to accept the resignation.  R. Poland seconded.  Yes- R. Choate, R. Poland, R. Fields.

Resignation-Police Officer Bob Kerr

Resignation effective May 6, 2008 was presented by Officer Rober Kerr.  R. Fields made motion to accept Bob’s resignation.  R. Choate seconded.   Yes- R. Choate, R. Fields, R.Poland.

Town-Wide Garage Sale

R. Poland  made motion to set weekend of May 17th (16-17-18) as town-wide garage sale with sale permit fees waived.  R. Choate. Seconded.  Yes- R. Choate, R. Poland, R. Fields.



Town of Jones

Page Two

April 15, 2008


Old Timers Day



Barbara Birden-Grant Projects

Grant Project  (Water System) Approve Engineering Services- Inv JON 08-01-01-  First Pay Due - $15,190.00  R. Poland made motion to pay invoice from PWA Reserve Acct.  R. Choate seconded.  Yes- R. Choate, R. Fields, R. Poland.

Grant Project (Water System) DEQ Permit

R. Poland made motion to accept DEQ permit.  R. Choate seconded.  Yes- R. Choate, R. Poland, R. Fields.

ACOG Reap Grant


Disposition-Court Warrants

Tom Newsom requested  this be stricken until later.




1.  Town-Wide Mail Out – Solicit Emer. Mgmt Volunteers  Table

2.  Ck into possible Grant for Generator at Comm Citr. Table

Patti Fields gave general report on Emergency Management.  She advised of condition of shelter at PWA building.  Ms. Fields noted need for vent  cap and that the inside of the struture is rusting.

Town Brochure


Town Zoning

John McEwen presented proposed zoning as results of Planning  Commission.  It was noted that zoning changes will not change tax amounts   Each board member recieved a copy.  Tabled



Adjournment motion by R. Fields, seconded by R. Poland.  Yes- R. Poland, R. Fields, R. Choate.  Time:  8:23 PM



Payroll – 04-17-08….. 12,456.57

3469   OK Employ Security Comm….           691.44

3470   Void…………       .00

3471   Alltel ……….                             1034.07

3472  AT&T Wireless…..       101.35

3473  AT&T Mobility…..       308.47

3474  Phillips 66………..                      2460.17    (cont)




Jones Board of Trustees

Page Three

April 15, 2008



3475  Onelink Wireless…..       47.50

3476  K&S Tire & Farm….        8.00

3477  Casco……………….   290.00

3478  City of MWC………    190.00

3479  B&B Auto…………    100.00

3480  Dollar General…….        81.15

3481  O’Reilly Auto…….      104.49

3482  IRS……………….       911.60

3483   USCM…………..          74.50

3484  Police Pension…..                        1018.17

3485  Void……………..               .00

3486  Construct Board….        35.00





___________________________                      ___________________________

Mayor                                                                      Town Clerk


Presented to Board of Trustees for approval on_____________2008

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