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May 6, 2008



Meeting was called to order at 7:04 PM.  Meeting was tape-recorded.

ROLL CALL: Present-Matt Elerick, Roger Choate, Ray Poland, Randy McMillin.  Absent-

Rusty Fields.  Quorum was declared.


 1. Minutes 04-15-08,  Retro Payroll 04-30-08 & Payroll – 05-14-08.  Employee Overtime-Thomas Pletcher & Robert Smith.  Purchase Ord #s 4394-4415

2.  Allied Waste Debris Removal-Total to Date-$230,287.40 ($203,808.29 Available)  Motion to approve Consent #1 by R. Poland, seconded by R. McMillin.  Yes- M.Elerick, R. Choate, R. Poland, R. McMillin.

Motion to approve Consent #2  (Payment of $203,808.29) by R. Poland, Seconded by R. McMillin.  Yes-R. Choate, R. Poland, M. Elerick, R. McMillin


Martin Mueller addressed the board regarding a semi-truck which he says is being partially parked in the roadway  (Hilltop Ranchettes)  Chief Newsom said this would be checked.

Doris Mitchell requested date for presenting 2008-09 Budget.  Decision to have budgets on June 3, 2008 Regular Meeting.

Randy McMillin brought plaque honoring John McDermott.  Plans to have a dedication next meeting.


Glenda Choates addressed the board regarding availability of a library building if land could be donated.  Mrs. Choates also advised that she is now on the Metro Library Long-Range Planning Committee.

Rescind Code Enforcement Resignation-Thomas Pletcher

Board was advised that Mr. Pletcher is requesting to continue as Code Enforcer beginning June 1.

R. Poland made motion to rescind resignation (last meeting) and to reinstate Mr. Pletcher as of June lst.  M. Elerick seconded.   Yes- M. Elerick, R. Choate, R. Poland, R.McMillin.

2008-09 Audit Contract-Michael Douglas

Contract was presented.  It was noted amount has increased $319 (From $3190 to $3506)

R. Choate made motion to approve contract.  R. Poland seconded.   Yes- M. Elerick, R. Choate,

R. Poland, R. McMillin.

Claim #25737-MP (Vehicle Tire Damage)  Kathy Williams

Ms. Williams not present.  Item strickened.

Appoint Patti Fields –Planning Commission

M. Elerick made motion to appoint Patti  Fields to Planning Commission.  R. Poland seconded.   Yes- M. Elerick, R. Choate, R. Poland, R. McMillin.

Change Name of Hawaii Street (two blocks in front of Highschool) to Dr. Lee Simmons Street

R. Poland made motion to start process to change street name from Hawaii to Dr. Lee Simmons Street. M. Elerick seconded.  Yes- M. Elerick, R. Poland, R. McMillin.  No-R. Choate.   Motion carried.

Need Repair-Timing Chain-PD Vehicle-Unit #3

Tom Newsom advised of needed repairs to PD unit.  M. Elerick made motion to have needed repair done.  R. Poland seconded.   Yes- M. Elerick, R. Choate, R. Poland, R. McMillin.





May 6, 2008


Contract-Park Mowing

This is east field of Park.  It was noted there is a contract with Scott Lawson for this mowing in exchange for the hay from the fields.  Item tabled.  Mr. Lawson to be contracted to see if he still wants to mow this field.

Tree Trimming-Park

Need for removal and trimming of several trees at park.  Slawson’s $3200 estimate runs over the $2500 bid requirement..  Item tabled until next meeting to see if Mr. Slawson wants to do this job for less. 

Executive Session-Hire, Fire, Promote, Demote Tom Newson  (250 State-Sec 307B)

M. Elerick made motion to go into executive session. R. Choate seconded.  Yes- M. Elerick, R.Choate, R. Poland, R. McMillin.  Time:  7:35 PM

Board returned to open meeting at 9:05 PM

R. Choate made motion to come out of executive session. R. Poland seconded.   Yes- M. Elerick, r. Choate, R. Poland, R. McMillin.

R. Poland made motion to accept Tom Newsom’s early retirement with severance of five months salary and insurance.  M. Elerick seconded.   Yes- M. Elerick, R. Choate, R. Poland, R. McMillin.

Mr. Newsom’s last working day will be May 21, 2008.


Barbara Birden-Grant Projects

A.  Grant Project-Water System


ACOG Reap Grant Report



Mark Taylor questioned possibility of Fire Dept receiving portion of FEMA that was allocated for Firefighters hours.  To be placed on next agenda.

Question as to why no fireworks on the 4th of July – Possibility of Fire Dept having display.  It was explained that Kiwanis Club has formerly paid for at least half of cost and now feel they cannot fund both 4th and Old Timers Day, opting to use funds for Old Timers.  Town is having to curtail spending also.


A.  Town-Wide Mailout-Solicit Emer. Mgmt Volunteers

B.  Ck into possibility of Grant for Generator at Comm Ctr

Patti Fields not present.  Tabled.

Town Brochure


Town Zoning


Old  Timers Day




Town of Jones

Board of Trustees

Page Three

May 6, 2008




Adjournment motion by R. Poland  seconded by M. Elerick.  Yes- M. Elerick, R. Poland, R.Choate, R. McMillin.  Time:  9:20 PM



Payroll…05-01-08…                          12,724.19

Payroll    05-15-08                              18,026.80

3487   IRS…………….          876.97

3488   Police Pen……..                         1018.17

3489   PEBSCO>…….            74.50

3490   Principal Fin Grp..        202.84

3491   Julia Wilson……..        750.00

3492   Thomas Pletcher…       615.00

3493   Doris Mitchell….           60.00

3494   Healthcare……..                         4153.00

3495   Samatha Jones…          250.00

3496   BC/BS…………          196.90

3497   Jones PWA……          340.67

3498   Jones Hardware..           71.46

3499   OG&E…………                         1124.54

3500   R. D. Alexander..         500.00

3501   Special-Op Uniform..   155.96

3502   O’Reilly Auto………  322.43

3503   Onelink Wireless…..    169.00

3504   Walmart……………   112.02

3505   TDS Telecom………   330.80

3506   Void…………………       .00

3507   Bailey Copier……….    75.00

3508   OML………………..  125.00

3509   Kimberly Bishop…..                      30.15     ________________________

3510   City of MWC……..     240.00     Mayor

3511   Computer Connection…            25.00

3512   Lowes………………      3.35

3513   Stamp Fullfillment….  241.30     ________________________

3514   Battery Co………….    17.93     Town  Clerk

3515   Sunrise H&A………     75.00

3516   Microtrack GPS……   538.20 Presented to Board of Trustees________2008

3517   Birden’s Development..           960.00





___________________________                      ___________________________

Mayor                                                                      Town Clerk


Presented to Board of Trustees for approval on_____________2008

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