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August 5, 2008


Meeting was called to order at 7:13 pm  Meeting was tape-recorded

Roll Call:  Present- Ray Poland, Randy McMillin, Roger Choate.  Absent-

                                Rusty Fields, Matt Elerick  (Ray Poland chaired the meeting)


Minutes-07-15-08,  Payroll – 08-07-08,  Overtime-07-24-08, Purchase Ord #s

4648-4669.  Increase 2008-09 Budget #01-01-6050 Adm-Misc- $13, 239.50

½ of bal due on debris cleanup-Allied Waste – which was not budgeted into General Fund.

Renewal of CD- Reserve Acct  11503

Motion to approve consent agenda by R. Choate, seconded by R. McMillin.  Yes- R. Poland, R. Choate, R. McMillin


No-one came forth

NEW BUSINESS-disc-action on following new business items

1.  Acknowledge Ineligibility-Rusty Fields, Trustees

     It was noted that Mr. Fields has missed five out of nine meetings in the past four months making him ineligible to continue as a board member.

R. McMillin made motion to acknowledge Mr. Fields ineligibility.  R. Choate seconded.   Yes- R. Poland, R. Choate, R. McMillin.   It was noted that Mr. Fields can be reappointed by a vote of the board.

Appoint Trustee to finish remaining term of Rusty Fields


Request Property Division & Manufacture Home-12500 E. Britton

Bill Richter requested a property division so he can place a manufactured home on

South end of property (Britton & Jasper).  This  was approved by the Planning Commission.  R. Poland made motion to allow property division and to place a manufactured home on the property.  R. McMillin seconded.   Yes- R. Poland, R. Choate, R. McMillin.

Police Dept-Resignation-Robert Smith

Robert Smith’s resignation, effective 08-15-08, was presented.  R. Choate made motion to accept resignation.  R. Poland seconded.   Yes- R. Poland, R. Choate, R.McMillin.



Jones Board of Trustees

Page Two

August 5, 2008


Police Dept-Advertise for Officer

Strike from agenda.  Will be addressed next meeting in Executive Session-Police Personnel

Police Dept- Impound Fees

Clearification of $50 impound fees to be deposited into Police Dept. Account (#007926) R. Choate made motion to earmark impound fees for police account.

R. McMillin seconded.  Yes- R. Poland, R. Choate, R. McMillin

Police Dept-ATV-Donation from Baker Boys

Thomas Pletcher advised of availability of ATV vehicle from Baker Boys at no costs.  This would be handy in incidents where vehicles were needed to go into fields, etc.  Currently department is using Les Warren’s four-wheeler.  After disc:  R. Poland made motion to accept ATV donation from Baker Boys.  R. McMillin seconded.  Yes- R. Poland, R. Choate, R. McMillin

Animal Control-Patti Fields

Patti Fields address the board regarding her problem with a dog not being removed from her property in what she considered a timely manner.  After disc: David Davenport to be at next meeting.

OG&E Franchise

Julia Wilson to check franchise (which was unsigned four year ago) Item Tabled.

Proposed Main Street Project-Engineers

Board was advised that advertisement for engineer has been published (OML Job Internet Site) and there was no response.  Current Engineer to be contacted.  Item tabled.

Insufficent Check Charge-Increase Amt

Board was asked if current $20 insufficient check charge should be increased as bank is now charging the town $4 for each returned check.  After discussion – stay at $20  (do not add  additional $4 bank charge)


Barbara Birden-Grant Projects

1.  Appoint CDBG Water Project Grant #@L000055080516 Administrator

     Board was advised that position was advertised (OML Job Internet Site)  Only

     One applicant-Barbara Birden

     R. Poland made motion to accept Barbar Birden as administrator.  R. Choate seconded motion.  Yes- R. Choate, R. Poland, R. McMillin





Page Three

August 5, 2008

   2.   Open Checking Account-Special Water Project – WL000055080516

         R. McMillin made motion to open special water project account.  R. Poland

         Seconded.   Yes- R. Poland, R. Choate, R. McMillin

   3.   Plans-Water Project WL00005508516

         Carlton Taylor presented plans to make board members aware of change of

         Meters on some residents from back alley to front of property which will entail

         New water lines from meter to house.  Barbard Birden advised that part of grant

         Could possibly be used for this in cases of low income/hardship residents.

         No voting action was needed

   4.   Accept Contract-Water Project  WL 00005508516

          Tabled – Each board member received copy of contract to take home to study.



Fire Department Report


Flood Plain Administrator Report

1.  Water Resource Board letter re: Potential violations/deficiency list

     Patti Fields advised that Ken Morris, Oklahoma Water Resources Board had

     Met with her resulting in a letter advising of several deficiencies in Jones Flood

     Plain procedures.  (See Town File:  Water Resource Brd/Flood Plain Adm. 2008)

2.  Non-Compliance with Regulations-Flood Plain Administrator

     Patti Fields advised of administrative duties  which need to be in compliance with


3.  Flood Plain Permit Fees-Town Bldg, Permits (include all, fences, etc) suggested $15.   After discussion: R. Choate made motion to set flood plain determination fee at $25.00 R. McMillin seconded.  Yes- R. Choate, R. Poland,

R. McMillin.

4.  Flood Plain Permit Fees-For those which need an elevation certificate.

     R. Choate made to set elevation permit fee at $50.  R. McMillin seconded.

     R. Poland, R. Choate, R. McMillin.

5.  Road Closing-Flood Areas-Gates, Roadblocks, Signs, Etc.


6.  Enforcement of Improvements

      No voting action (See #7-Will Be an Ord)

7.  Ordinance to include above changes

     Julia to write ordinance.  Tabled




Page Four

August 5, 2008

H.  Purchase of Camera

      After disc: R. Poland made motion to allow camera purchase up to $300.  R. Choate seconded.   Yes- R. Poland, R. Choate, R.McMillin


1.  Status State % Debris Removal  -Tabled

2.  Emer. Mgmt Vehicle – Tabled

Town Brochure- Tabled

Town Zoning- Tabled

Reports, Inquiries & Remarks by Governing Board Members

R. Choate question what is being done about vehicles at Strawn’s resident (One Curve-West Britton)  PD Dept will be contacted.

Adjournment motion by R. Choate, seconded by R. Poland, Yes- R. Poland, R. Choate, R. McMillin.  Time: 9:20 PM



         Payroll-08-07-08…          12657.84

3655  Principal Financial…           202.84

3656  CompSource……….            961.00

3657  Julia Wilson………..            750.00

3658  Doris Mitchell……..              60.00

3659  Health Care…….               4151.00

3660  BC/BS………….      196.90

3661  Patti Fields……..    250.00

3662  Samatha Jones….  250.00

3663  Void……………            .00

3664  Void……………            .00

3665  Page Plus………     150.10

3666  IRS…………….       880.74

3667  Police Pension…    793.11

3668  PEBSCO………         74.50

3669  TDS Telecom….    329.43

3670  Overall Ford……             21900.00

3671  Void…………..              .00




Jones Board of Trustees

Page Five

August 5, 2008


Claims (cont)

3672  Jones Hardware……          290.30

3673  Phillips 66…………….    .2583,40

3674   OG&E…………….          1223.76

3675   Special Ops……… 208.31

3676   O’Reilly………….     65.89

3677   Walmart………….  103.46

3678   Office Depot…….. 277.42

3679   Jones Drug Store…             14.71

3680   GFC Data………..  102.00

3681   First State Bank….              22.03

3682   B&B Auto Recyclers.           20.00

3683   Sterling Codifiers….          475.00

3684   Alliance Steel Bldg.          2137.50

3685   Sunrise H&A…….  155.00

3686  Fox Bldg Supply…..              59.85

3687  Karns Law Office….          2564.28

3688  Jones PWA……….. 440.42

3689  Mehlburger Brawley..       2635.00



_____________________________     ______________________
Mayor                                                      Town Clerk


Presented to Board of Trustees for approval on______________2008



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