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January 20, 2009


Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM             Meeting was tape-recorded

Roll Call:  Present-Matt Elerick, Roger Choate, Teresa Shuffield, Ray Poland.

                  Absent- Randy McMillin                          Quorum was declared


Minutes-01-06-09  Payroll – 01-22-09  Purchase Ord #s 5167-5178

Motion to approve consent agenda by R. Choate seconded by M. Elerick.

Yes- M. Elerick, R. Choate, R. Poland, T. Shuffield.


No-One came forth


Bullet Proof Vest-PD

Chief Pletcher addressed need for bullet proof vests for officers.  After disc. R. Poland made motion to purchase five vest at $596 each.  R. Choate seconded.  Yes- M. Elerick, R. Choate, R. Poland, T. Shuffield.


Landscape Engineer Service (Park)

Cost estimate of $67,650 was given by Billy Wilson Lawn Service.  After disc:  Item tabled.

Grant is being pursued for this project.

Setback – Septic & Aerobic Systems

Next Agenda- Ord.

Company Comp Card


Street Opening-Sweetbough  4th-5th  Survey Results

Carlton Taylor reported that Property Owner Delores Chambers is satisified with town relocating septic lines.  Road opening is now ready to begin.  No voting action needed.

PD Reserve Officer Program


STP UZA TIP Grant (Barbara Birden)

A.  Other Grant Reports

B.  Trails Grant-Beatty-Mulhausen Park

Ms. Birden gave general report on the above.  No voting action needed.

Main Street Project (Streetscape)

Ray Poland gave general report.  Advised that he and Matt Elerick met with OG&E reps and are waiting to hear back from them.

Advertise for Bids-Clearing of Right-Of-Way-Sale Barn to Henney Rd.

M. Elerick made motion to advertise for bids. R. Poland seconded.  Yes- R.Poland, M. Elerick,

R. Choate, T. Shuffield.






Page Two

January 20, 2009



Combined with Item 7  (Bid Advertisement)

ACOG Reap Grant Report

No Voting Action needed.

Concession Stand Addition-Park

Board was advised that needed FEMA Flood Plain paperwork has been completed.  No other action needed at this time.  Project is ready to proceed.

Corrected Fence Ord.



Mark Taylor advised board that FEMA Grant for generator has been submitted.

He also presented problem with department’s defibilator.  He noted that it does not meet specs

And cannot be completely trustworthy at this time.  There is a possibility of receiving two defibs

From Oklahoma County.  This isn’t definite and date is not known.  Mr. Taylor requested the town to purchase a defib at this time to replace the current one.  (Apprx. $2500)  After disc:  T. Shuffield made motion to purchase defib.  M. Elerick seconded.  Yes- M. Elerick, R. Poland, T. Shuffield.  No-R. Choate.  Motion carried.  9-1-1 funds will be applied toward purchase price.

Transfer Storage Container from PD to FD

Board was advised that metal storage container (building) behind City Hall is not needed by PD.  Asked that it be transferred to FD.  R. Poland made motion to transfer storage container to FD.

M.  Elerick seconded.   Yes- M.  Elerick, R. Poland, R. Choate, T. Shuffield.


Water Resource Board-Potential Violations

Patti Fields advised the board  that she has contacted FEMA directly due to misunderstanding as to correspondence must be in writing.  Problem is resolved.

Ms. Fields advised that Oklahoma County is going to start cleanup of creek from 3rd & Cherokee to Slue.

Flood Plain Ord.



Sirens.  Patti Fields gave report on current sirens.  All are now operational.  Need to start trying to find funding for purchase of another siren  in order to cover all of  Jones in times of alarms.  No voting action needed.


General Report.  No voting action needed.

NEW BUSINESS- Item received too late to put on posted agenda but needing immediate action this date.

Resignation of part-time employee, Kelly Smith was presented. R. Poland made motion to accept  resignation. M.  Elerick seconded.  Yes- M. Elerick, R. Poland, R. Choate, T. Shuffield.

M. Elerick made motion to advertise for part-time clerical employee.  R. Poland seconded.  Yes-

R. Poland, M. Elerick, R. Choate, T. Shuffield.


Page Three

January 20, 2009

Reports, Remarks & Inquiries by Governing Board Members

Adjournment motion by R. Poland seconded by T.Shuffield.  Yes- R. Poland, R. Choate, T.Shuffield, M.  Elerick.  Time 7:52 PM



    Payroll-01-22-09…. 10,247.76

4040  OSBI…………..       580.20

4041  CLEET………..        535.20

4042  Slawsons Tree…   500.00

          Slawson Tree….   800.00

          Slawson Tree…                           1900.00 (3 Claims-Issued One Check)

4043  US Treasury….     169.69

4044  Kermit Phyffer..      13.80

4045  AllTel……………..   385.43

4046  BC/BS……………..      7.70

4047  AT&T…………….      92.52

4048  New Atlas………..    64.68

4049  OK  Code Enforce..              35.00

4050  Cruiser SW……….                     2569.00

4051  Dollar General……   35.25

4052  Casco…………….    566.00

4053  OML>……………       10.00

4054  Office Depot…….   450.04

4055  TDS Telecom……  328.11

4056  Petty Cash……….     75.00

4057  Special-Op………    360.43

4058  R. D. Alexander…. 500.00

4059  Phillips 66……….                       2284.90

4060  AT&T…………..      301.11

4061..Police Pension….   550.91

4062  PEBSCO……….        74.50

4063  IRS…………….       480.85

4064  HealthCare……                           2816.65




_____________________________                           ___________________________

Mayor                                                                                Town Clerk


Presented to Board of Trustees for approval on___________2009

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