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May 19, 2009


Meeting was called to order at  8:07 PM   Meeting was tape-recorded

Roll Call:  Present- Ray Poland, Roger Choate, Teresa Shuffield.  Absent-Matt Elerick, Randy

McMillin.  Quorum was declared.


Payroll-05-28-09  Minutes-05-05-09   PO#S 5535-5544    Motion to approve consent agenda

By R. Poland Seconded by T. Shuffield.  Yes- R. Poland,T. Shuffield, R. Choate.


No-One came forth


A.  2009-2010 FOP Contract (SS Sec. 307-2)

B.  Health Insurance-PD Employees (SS Sec. 307-2)

R. Choate made motion to go into executive session.  R. Poland seconded.   Yes- R. Poland, R. Choate,  T. Shuffield.  Time- 8:45 PM
Board members returned to open meeting at 9:10 PM

R. Poland made motion to return to open meeting. R. Choate seconded.   Yes- R. Poland, R. Choate, T. Shuffield.

A.  No action taken

B.  Clerk was instructed, as of tonight,  as per FOP Contract,  town will  pay PD employee insurance only. (They will pay for dependents)  This will affect Les Warren and Joe Bradley.

No voting action taken.  FOP Contract covers this. 


5TH & Georgia- Variance Setback on Duplex

Possible Opening of Use of 5th St. – Phil Hurtt & Jim Funderburg

No Action

Neighborhood Watch – Jones Station – Lyle Lambeth

Mr. Lamberth addressed need for larger Neighborhood Watch signs in the addition.  After disc:  If Neighborhood Watch will buy the signs, the town will set them.  No voting action taken.

PD-In-Car Computer

Chief Pletcher advised that computer in the 2008 unit is not repairable. After disc:  tabled to get new vs used quotes.

2009-10 Annual Animal Control Contract-Midwest City

R. Choate made motion to accept 209-10 contract.  T. Shuffied seconded.  Yes- R. Poland, R. Choate,

UpDate /Correct Wrecker Service

R. Poland made motion to update Wrecker Ordinance as presented..  T. Shuffield seconded.   Yes- T. Shuffield, R. Choate, R. Poland.   Attn. Julia Wilson took ord. copy to update.





Jones Board of Trustees

Page Two

May 19, 2009


PD Vehicle 2009-10 Budget

Chief Pletcher addressed possibility of purchasing  a new police unit.  He was advised to include cost in 2009-10 PD Budget.

Replace, Advertise –Administrative Clerk

T. Shuffield made motion to advertise for Administrative Clerk. R. Poland seconded.   Yes- R. Poland, T. Shuffield, R. Choate.  Applicants will be considered at 06-02-09 Meeting.

2009-10 Mutual Cooperative Agreement-Jones/Oklahoma County Dist. #1

Annual agreement for work done by county in the town.  R. Poland made motion to approve agreement.  R. Choate seconded.   Yes- R. Poland, R. Choate, T. Shuffield.

Joe Bradley-Vacation-June 1-5

T. Shuffield made motion to approve vacation.  R. Poland seconded.   Yes- R. Poland, T. Shuffield, R. Choate.

Set  Budget Meeting Date

T. Shuffield made motion to set special budget meeting- June 23, 2009.  R. Choate seconded.   Yes- R. Choate, T. Shuffield, R. Poland.


Redwing Software

Discussed at previous meeting.   Strike from agenda.

Delete Mayor Extra Pay

Strike from agenda.

Renovate PD Dept Back Room


Red Flag Rules


Barbara Birden-Grant Reports

Ms. Birden has info on tree grants-No action this meeting

Trails Grant-Park   - No action this meeting

Main Street Project-Streetscape

1) Facility Relocation Payment Agreement ($18,350.68)

This agreement was approved for signing at May 12, Special Meeting

ACOG Reap Grant Report

No report this meeting




Water Resource Board – Potential Violations

Pattie Fields presented letter from Oklahoma Water Resource Board stating that a recommendation will be sent to FEMA that problems have been resolved.

Pay Increase-Flood Plain Administrator

Patti Fields requested  increase in contract pay.  After disc: This will be considered after first of fiscal year.  (July 2009)


Jones Board of Trustees

Page Three

May 19, 2009



Flood Plain Ord.  (tabled)


Patti Fields addressed need for T-Shirts and boots. She advised they possibly will be donated.

Library Report

R. Choate gave general report on status of library.

Reports, Remarks & Inquiries by Governing Board Members


Adjournment motion by T. Shuffield, seconded by R. Choate.  Yes- T. Shuffield, R. Poland,

R, Choate.Time:  9:45 PM



         Payroll – 05-28-09.. 8999.50

4291   Lowes………………  597.84

4292   OK Empl Sec Comm. .      498.26

4293   Office Depot………..                 1431.16

4294   Lowes Janitoral Serv…      220.00

4295   Police Pension……….               1085.31

4296   PEBSCO…………….   74.50

4297   IRS………………….   641.78

4298   AT&T………………   255.01

4299   T&W Tire………….  514.56

4300   Karns Law Office…                    5018.75

4301   Integris  Health……           600.00

4302  City of Choctaw….   45.06

4303  Midwest Decals…..              44.00

4304  AT&T Wireless…..    88.28

4305  Cardiac Science…. 379.48

4306  Casco……………..                     4705.00

4307  Weather Affirmation…         20.25

4308  Phillips 66…….                           1045.74

4309  Petty Cash……         75.00




________________________________                          ___________________________

Mayor                                                                                   Town Clerk


Presented to Board of Trustees for approval on___________2009


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