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August 4, 2009


Meeting called to order at 7:02 PM         

Meeting was tape-recorded

Roll Call:  Present-Rodger Choate, Ray Poland, Teresa Shuffield  Absent Matt Elercik and Randy McMillian   (Randy McMillin entered at 7:12)  


Quorum was declared


Consent Agenda:

Payroll – 08-06-09

Minutes – 07-21-09  

Trent Construction LLC payment on the Water Line Replacement ($73385.02)

PO #s 5797- 5821

Motion to approve consent agenda  Motion by M. Ray Poland,  seconded by T. Shuffield.  Yes-R. Poland,  R. Choate,T. Shuffield,  Absent - R. McMillin, Matt Elerick


Public Comments:

No one came forth.



1.  Ray Poland – Mark Pierce Reimbursement for time off and mileage. After board discussion it will tabled until next board meeting.


2.  Carlton Taylor – Starting salary for new employee.  Carlton Taylor approached the board about starting for new employee.  Motion was made to start out new employee at $8.25 with out certification.  $9.25 with certification and license.  Motion by Ray Poland  Second by Teresa Shuffield   Yes- Roger Choate, Ray Poland, Randy McMillin, Teresa Sheffield  Absent Matt Elerick


3.  Carlton Taylor – County bridge project east of town. Carlton Taylor told the board that the construction on the bridge on Choctaw Road out east of town by Madewell’s will start on Sept. 8, 2009.  The construction will last 215 calendar days.  This is a 2.1 million dollar county project and is no cost to the Town of Jones. 


Trustee/Staff Remarks:



None was discussed



None was discussed


Adjournment: Motion to adjourn at 7:15 P.M. motion by Teresa Shuffield  Seconded by Ray Poland   Yes- Roger Choate, Ray Poland, Randy McMillin, Teresa Sheffield  Absent Matt Elerick



Jones Public Works Authority


August 4, 2009



5797 Pat Abbott $647.50

5798 VOID

5799 VOID

5800 VOID

5801 OG&E       $409.75

5802 OG&E       $15.52

5803 OG&E       $54.70

5804 Page Plus  $30.75

5805 Office Depot          $36.89

5806 Jones PWA            $102.85

5807 Mehlburger Brawley           $1041.60

5808 JennyCo    $185.50

5809 Barbara Birden      $8125.00

5810 Jones  Drug Store  $17.88

5811 American Waterworks        $116.67

5812 American Waterworks        $84.40

5813 American Waterworks        $37.50

5814 Mehlburger Brawley           $2213.40

5815 Municipals Industries          $1201.20

5816 Southwest Chemical Services           $421.00

5817 Municipal Gas Systems of OK         $190.00

5818 Dollar General       $78.50

5819 Dept. of Central Service      $300.00

5820 Phillips – Conoco   $1103.40



_____________________________                  ______________________________

Mayor                                                                     Town Clerk


Presented to Board of Trustees for approval on Aug. 18, 2009

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