Jones, OK
Town of Jones City, Oklahoma
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  Login to iPower WebMail to send and receive email.  
  Step 1:
The new window that pops up is called a portal. Enter your email address (  Now enter your password (if you do not know your password contact Tammy Wallace). Click Login.
  Step 2:
This opens to your WebMail. That's all there is to checking your e-mail.
  To begin using Outlook, Outlook Express or other POP email client, use one of these tutorials to help you set it up.

You will also need these settings:
     Incoming (POP3) Server:
POP3 SSL Required: Yes
         Port: 995
     Outgoing (SMTP) Server:
         SMTP SSL Required: Yes (Requires same user name and password as your POP3, do not check "Secure Password Authentication")
         Port: 587
     User Name/ID:
Contact Tammy at City Hall to get one

For additional help contact John Elerick.