Jones, OK
Town of Jones City, Oklahoma
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  Mission Statement      
       The members of the Jones City Police Department are committed to working in partnership with all citizens of our community in the delivery of police services.
     We will raise the quality of life for all , and set standards for making Jones a prominent, desirable community to live in.
     We promote dignity, respect and a safe atmosphere by recognizing our responsibility to maintain order, fairly enforce laws and protect individual rights of all.

  Jones Police Department  
  Community Policing Agreement      
       Problem solving in Jones City needs to have the Police and Community form a better partnership. All members of the Jones Community have a vested interest on improving the quality of life and making Jones City a safer place to live. The following plan will bring the Officers and the Community closer together to detour crime in our community.

     1. Set up meetings to get citizens involved and educate them on what is going on in the neighborhoods.
     2. Identify problems and what needs to be accomplished from meetings. These should be measurable outcomes or goals that
        police and citizens can look at.
     3. It is important to have in writing who will be responsible for each task and a timeline, if any should be in place. At this we can
        look into available resources in helping, such as neighborhood watch programs and community wide light up the night program.
     4. The next step would be to make sure a follow up mechanism is in place to assess what was accomplished. There might be
        problems that are going to be continuous and need to be monitored throughout the year.
  Sgt. Joe Bradley   Cpl. Les Warren  

Sergeant Joe Bradley

  Corporal Les Warren
  Ofc. Edelen   Ofc. Gregus  
  Officer Clark Edelen
  Officer Gregus
Ofc. Rick Church  
  Reserve Officer Rick Church