Public Works Authority

Public Works Authority
Utility Billing: 405-399-5301
Director: Paul Lay
Phone: 405-229-2049

Emergency Issues with Water,
Sewer, or if you smell Gas

Call 405-229-2047

Water & Sewer

The Public Works Dept. maintains the water systems wells and all mains and piping to the customer meter. We do monthly testing at DEQ. To assure water is safe to drink.

We maintain wastewater lines (mains) from customer taps to the wastewater treatment facility. Including jetting of backed-up wastewater mains. Also, we maintain our wastewater treatment facility daily.


Trash Pickup

Call the office, 405-399-5301, for details.

Natural Gas

The Public Works Dept. maintains the integrity of our gas piping (main lines) and service meters to the customer side of the line.

We do a multitude of testing at various times yearly and quarterly such as odorant and leak detection surveys.

Also, periodic meter and regulator change-outs and line locating for excavators.


ATTN: eBilling is now available. Pay your utilities online.

BEFORE YOU DIG!!! Dial 811 or 1-800-522-OKIE

Since most electric, cable TV, and telephone, and natural gas are located underground; digging can carry the potential for disaster. Prior notification of excavation of these underground facilities is required by law. For more information contact Jones PWA.

To receive building permits or inspections from the building inspector or questions about floodplain management contact Tim Weathers at City Hall 405-399-5301 or on his cell 405-229-2050.

Register your tornado shelter. In case of emergency, and we need to come to get you in your shelter, we need to know where it is before the storm. Contact the PWA for more information.