Mayor’s Message

Mayor's Message
Welcome to the new and improved Jones website! It is our intent to provide a website that is easy to navigate and get information to our residents as well as those who may be interested in our great community. As it is a work in progress, we kindly ask for your patience!

I am your Mayor Ray Poland and I believe in transparency in government! I also believe many of you feel a disconnect to your city government. Although everything we do is an open record, not everyone knows how to access some of the information they seek. As this page progresses, we will post the agendas for each meeting, minutes of those meetings, and our annual audit. We will make our “Comprehensive Plan” available, as well. We will try and keep everyone as up-to-date as possible. I will make regular posts covering many different topics, but mostly I will try to educate our citizens on their city government.

Jones is growing. We realize that not everyone is excited about this growth, but the fact remains, WE ARE! I don’t ever want to be known as “the fastest growing town in Oklahoma,” but I do want to be known as a town that is willing to embrace change and manages it’s growth well.