As we enter today with the excitement of elections, I ask that you exercise your right to vote. BUT, I also ask that you KNOW what you are voting on! Please see through the attack ads, false claims and do your research! If you have not researched the state questions and are uncertain of their implications, then don’t vote on them. Simply voting no on a state question, because you don’t understand it, is irresponsible. Unless you truly believe in every candidate in your respective party, don’t vote straight party ticket. Know the candidates and vote for the one that… Continue reading

Mayor's Message
Welcome to the new and improved Jones website! It is our intent to provide a website that is easy to navigate and get information to our residents as well as those who may be interested in our great community. As it is a work in progress, we kindly ask for your patience!

I am your Mayor Ray Poland and I believe in transparency in government! I also believe many of you feel a disconnect to your city government. Although everything we do is an open record, not everyone knows how to access some of the information they seek. As this page progresses, we will post the agendas for each Continue reading