This Month’s Message

I am honored to serve my neighbors, my hometown, and my fellow councilmen, who have elected me to be recognized as head of the Jones Board of Trustees, i.e. Mayor.  My passions have long been centered on the future of this town. My efforts as Mayor will continue to pursue a brighter collective future for every citizen. I intend to represent those who speak loudly and clearly; I also intend to represent those who speak softly but are just as essential to our common future. My tenure as Mayor will not be about the individual, myself, or any other citizen.  We can only realize our full potential by locking arms and unselfishly creating a refuge for productive, law-abiding citizens.  That longitudinal goal will always involve the battle cry, “Just do the next right thing.”  About 400 years ago, Goethe said, “Dream no small dreams, for they have no power to stir the hearts of men.”  I hope my neighbors will join me in dreaming big dreams for our hometown!